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Fritz pH Higher


Fritz pH Higher

Fritz Aquatics pH Higher brings your pH up to the desired level to ensure a healthy environment for your fish to keep them happy and disease free. Increases Alkalinity and reduces Acidity for desired pH levels. Ideal for use in marine aquariums, especially reef set ups, as well as aquariums with  hard water fish with livebearers, such as mollies, platies, swordtails and guppies and African Cichlids, such as Malawi, Victoria and Tanganyikan Cichlids. If the pH needs to be increased dramatically, it's important to do it over several days in order to avoid shocking the aquarium residents with a sudden pH swing. Test your pH regularly to ensure that the target range has been met and not exceeded.

Perfect for both freshwater and saltwater. Depending on original pH you may need to perform several doses. Be sure to wait 10 minutes and check the new pH level between each dose. If there are fish in the tank limit the pH change to a maximum of 0.2 a day so as not to cause issues.

Fritz do a wide range of treatments aimed specifically at aquariums that require a high pH. Why not ckeck them out here?


  • 118ml
  • 473ml

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118ml, 473ml