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FiltoBox Pond Filter – 4500


FiltoBox Pond Filter - 4500

Fantastic value, compact box filter. These smaller box designs are a sleek, new addition to the Filtobox range which now accommodates a wider range of pond sizes! A compact box filter that provides fantastic value. These smaller box designs are a sleek addition and easy to hide.

Dirty water enters through the multistage hosetail past the powerful 7W UVC where it is pushed through foam into the first chamber of biomedia. The water then flows into a second chamb and is forced upwards, through foam, over into the final chamber - clean water then return. To clean, simply lift the lid for easy access to filter media and then close it all up again. It comes complete with a bottom drain for easy sludge removal and back flush function.


  • Effective Filtration for Pond Volume up to 4500 Litres (1000 Gallons)
  • Integrated 7w UVC
  • Includes Mechanical Filter Media and Biological Filter Media
  • Easy to clean, compact and effective
  • Includes 28cm length outlet extension pipe



If you have any questions about this product and whether it's the right filter for your pond, contact us and a member of our friendly pond team will be able to answer all your questions