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Eheim PowerLED+ Fresh Plants LED Lights


Eheim powerLED+ Fresh Plant strips are perfect for illuminating tropical and coldwater aquariums. It features full spectrum sunlight (9.500 K) for photosynthesis (royal blue 445 nm and warm white with an enhanced red component) and encourages healthy growth in demanding plants. This light is perfect for Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika aquariums as it enhances the natural blue and red tones of fish as well as plants. It can be used as a single light source or in combination with EHEIM powerLED+ Fresh Daylight.

Recommended for use Eheim LEDcontrol+ wireless lighting control, which will allow you to simulate lighting patterns as found in nature. Operation can be via smartphone, tablet, PC, or similar devices. Available in lengths from 360 to 1349mm making them suitable for aquariums from 372mm to 1529mm long.

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Bulb Size

360mm, 487mm, 664mm, 771mm, 953mm, 1074mm, 1226mm, 1349mm