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Bristol Shubunkins

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Bristol Shubunkin
Carassius auratus

Care Level: Easy
Max Size: 12"+
Diet: Omnivore
Temperature: 4-30C
PH: 7.0-8.0
Temperament: Peaceful
Purchase Size: 2-3"

Shubunkins are very unique among the comets in that they were originally bred from fancy goldfish stock, which is what gave them their beautiful tails. They were then bred with single tailed comets to get the best of both variations of goldfish. Their mixture of blue, red and black pigments is made possible thanks to the non-reflective scales and because of this, they sometimes have a blush around the gill as the gill covers are partially transparent. They make an excellent alternative for koi in smaller ponds.

There are three main types of Shubunkins. The London, The American and The Bristol. What sets the Bristol Shubunkin apart is that it has these beautiful long flowing fins that comets don't typically possess. They're quite hard to come by and considered a very valuable asset to any pond or aquarium.

Shubunkins, like all comets are social fish and should be kept in groups. So it's important that they are kept in a suitable sized pond. They are not suitable for small aquaria.

Food should be offered in good quality pond feed and fresh or frozen insect larvae. Only give as much food as the fish will consume within 10 minutes. Any uneaten food should be retrieved from the pond to avoid any unnecessary ammonia spikes and water quality issues.

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