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Blanket Answer All Season


Cloverleaf Blanket Answer All Season is a special blend of minerals and enzymes which effectively eliminate blanket weed in garden ponds. The new and improved unique Cloverleaf formula succeeds where many other blanketweed treatments fail. All Season is an easy to use treatment which works at low temperatures down to 2°C and is safe for fish, wildlife, plants, birds and pets.

10g per 125 Litres - Enclosed scoop will treat approx. 400 Litres.

The dosage can be increased as required with no adverse effects. Results will be seen after 14 days. Re-dose if needed to maintain a blanketweed free pond.

Blanket Answer All Season is added to the pond by mixing the required dosage with approximately 2 litres of pond and spreading the resulting mixture evenly across the pond surface. The pond will take on a milky white appearance which is perfectly normal and will usually clear within 2-5 days.

Available in: 200g, 800g and 2kg

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2kg, 200g, 800g