Blagdon Amphibious IQ Pond Pump

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The Amphibious IQ Pond Pump is a powerful, energy saving pond pump for filters and waterfalls. This low maintenance pond pump is adjustable to suit any pond and season and is incredibly reliable thanks to it’s motor and run dry protection systems. These systems monitor your pump and should an issue arise you will be alerted via the display.

The soft start feature means that when the pump is turned on the flow will slowly build up to it’s preset position which reduces the wear and stress on the pump and attached pipework and filters! You can also easily control your pump with the touch of a button and change the flow and start/stop the device meaning you will achieve optimum performance withe maximum energy savings!

Your pump is designed in such a way that it can be places any way in your pond and the evenly distributed holes around the casing means that you will always have an even flow of water to the pump and should debris cause a partial blockage your pump will continue to work. The clear housing also makes it easy to check for blockages and damage without having to dismantle or open the pump.

Included with your pump is the controller and appropriate hosetails and fittings, as well as a 3 year guarantee!

Available Sizes:

Amphibious IQ 3000-6000:

  • Wattage – 17W – 35W Variable
  • Flow Rate – 5900 L/H
  • Weight – 1.7kg
  • Max Pumping Height – 4.2m (13’9″)
  • Voltage – 230V


Amphibious IQ 4500-9000:

  • Wattage – 30W – 60W Variable
  • Flow Rate – 8700 L/H
  • Weight – 1.7kg
  • Max Pumping Height – 4.5m (14’9″)
  • Voltage – 230V


Amphibious IQ 6000-12000:

  • Wattage – 40W – 85W Variable
  • Flow Rate – 11200 L/H
  • Weight – 1.7kg
  • Max Pumping Height – 5m (16’4″)
  • Voltage – 230V
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