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AquaEl Internal UV Filters


Ideal water cleaners, circulators and oxygenators. the horizontal impellor shaft means you can clean it without taking the filter apart. It fits both aquariums and terrariums as the filter can operate when it is horizontal. The filter has a bio filtration chamber with ceramic media and 2 separate sponge filtration cartridges.

The LED UV life is 50,000 h this is equal to constant use for 6 years 24 hour a day.
If only being used for 8 hours a day this is equal to 17 years of usage.
Efficiency of the UV LED losing 25% of its power after 10 000 h of usage and stays at the same level till the end of its life (50 000 h).

Regular UV bulbs needs to be replaced after 10 000h of work.

3 models available - 500 / 750 / 1000L/H

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500 LPH, 750 LPH, 1000 LPH