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4 Stage 50gpd RO with Di + Backwash

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Items included:
- 5 Micron Pre-filter
- 5 Micron CTO filter
- 50 GPD RO Membrane
- Refillable DI resin cartridge
- Mains self-piercing connector
- Waste water saddle valve
- Connecting ¼” tube
In order to look after and extend the life of the membrane we have incorporated a manual flush valve on this unit. This will allow you to open the flush tap and allow a high pressure flow of water to go across the membrane and flush away accumulated impurities. This unit also has an Auto Shut-off valve which automatically turns off the mains water to the unit when pressure is created on the production tube. This is exceptionally useful when a float valve is fitted to the collection tank. The float valve will shut the water off and increase the pressure from the RO unit when the tank is full, indicating to the shut-off valve to switch the mains supply off.
Stage 1: PP Filter made from spun polyester designed to remove particles and impurities from water
Stage 2: CTO made from extruded high quality activated carbon, removes particles as small as 5 microns
Stage 3: RO Membrane 50 GPD designed to remove Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Hormones and Bacteria, removes 97-99% of all impurities
Stage 4: DI refillable cartridge for Mixed Bed Resin used for polishing water for marine fish use
This unit is manufactured to comply with REVERSE OSMOSIS STANDARD NSF58.
Technical Information:
- Size W472mm x D170mm x H370mm
- Operating Temperature 5C-40ºC
- Operating pressure 7.25-58psi