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How Good is the Triton Method?

Molly 12.03.20 Marine

Triton, does this live up to its godly name and produce the natural haven we all desire in our Reef Aquariums?


So what do we know about this product, Triton has a few products available to suit different Aquariums but the main dosing elements all do the same thing, dosing four core solutions (1, 2, 3a, 3b) each individually containing all the essential elements that your Reef requires on a daily basis replenishing the natural elements that are taken up by the natural ecosystem of your tank.

Natural Seawater (also sold in store) has a natural calcium Hardness of around 7.5 on the DKH scale and this is how we tune Triton into your system by keeping a balanced KH and fine tuning the other elements around it, the results speak for themselves.


Benefits of the Triton Method

Does it work I hear you shout?  Well for those of you who saw the YouTube video our friend Coral 12g did on our store you can see we are massive fans of this product and YES !! It works. Our 1800 litre coral bay is run on Triton base elements, the original product brought out by Triton. We use this product as it’s a really cost-effective way of dealing with large systems as you mix the core elements with 10 litres of RO water and then dose evenly throughout a 24hr period and we still achieve zero water changes with this method!

Our second Triton Tank is dosed using the newer and more concentrated product core elements Triton Method this product also allows us to achieve zero water changes as well and this product is best suited to aquariums with large macroalgae beds as it contains a feed within the product for the macroalgae to flourish and control your nutrients. A third product we store is Triton other methods which are again dosed in exactly the same way but are suited to aquariums who can’t run large macroalgae beds but can still achieve great results and zero water changes.

There are multiple videos and photos online and one of the best support sites for all Triton users, beginner or expert this product is tried and tested and certainly works!

Speaking of testing, Triton offer two in depth water tests, ICP and Ndoc. ICP will give you an in depth analysis of all the elements within your system and help you every step of the way by recommending buffering if required using their very handy individual elements or advising you too do water changes if something bad is detected within your system. Ndoc testing is all about balancing the nutrients in your system combing the results of both tests and following the Triton guidelines you will see incredible results within your aquarium.

If you want to know more about the Triton Method get in touch or visit us in store!

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