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Waterlife Parazin P Fish Lice and Anchor Worm Pond Fish Treatment


Waterlife's Parazin P Pond Fish Treatment treats Fish Lice, Anchor Worm, Gill Maggots, and Water Tigers, which are just some of the horrific parasites/predators which can attack fish in garden ponds at any time, and are almost invisible to the naked eye. Parazin P destroys these and other insect and crustacean pests in garden ponds. A single dose is all that is usually required “Easy to use” tablet form. Safe with fish, plants and filtration bacteria. This is a unique and revolutionary product and is only available from Waterlife.

Warning: Always check water quality parameters before attempting disease diagnosis. Do not use simultaneously with other disease treatments.

Available Sizes:

20 Tablets

80 Tablets

200 Tablets

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20 Tablets, 80 Tablets, 200 Tablets