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Wanvisa Lily 3 Litre



Wanvisa is a relatively new fully hardy water lily, first introduced from Thailand in 2010. It has a beautiful flower with a unique degree of variegation which can vary from flowers that are half cream and half peach as in the photo to a flecked mix of red, apricot, cream, yellow and pink, a real unique lily suitable for a medium to large sized pond. It is a strong bloomer with a strong scent.

Flowering time: June to September

Planting Depth: 30-90cm / 12 – 36 inches

Growth Spread: 45-90cm / 18 – 36 inches

Supplied in a 3 litre hexagonal basket, just add additional potting compost as needed and top off with some pea gravel. We also recommend you use velda growth ballls to aid growth.