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V2React 300 Calcium Reactor

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Suitable for aquariums up to approx 300 litres/66 UK gal/80 US gal.
Supplied with a 95g TMC CO2 ‘One Use’ CO2 cylinder, a TMC CO2 ‘One Use’ cylinder stand and a TMC CO2 Pressure Regulator Nano.
Requires 0.75kg of media.
Dimensions: 96mm (w) x 112mm (d) x 325mm (h)
Calcium Reactor Suitable for aquariums up to 300 litres/66 UK gallons
The next generation of high performance calcium reactors offering all the qualities of the V2React Calcium Reactor range but in a space saving, hang-on design.
• Slimline profile - can be discreetly and conveniently positioned on the back or side of any aquarium or sump up to 300 litres/66 UK gallons.
• Integral pump acts as both a supply and recirculation pump – no need for a second pump or any modifications to existing pipework.
•Unique, integrated bubble counter makes it easy to measure the level of CO2 being dosed to the calcium reactor.
• Ideally used with TMC Calcium Reactor Media (not supplied) but can also be used with other similar types of filter media.