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UltraFlow Weir Comb 60cm

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The D-D Ultraflow Overflow Weir Comb is designed with a unique vertical and horizontal drain slots that allows around 30% to 50% more water to flow through the slotted sections compared to a vertical type weir, which in normal circumstances, can result in a much higher running level.
The problems normally associated with older style overflow combs result in this higher tank running level, touching the glass bracing bars or often overflowing the aquarium! The Ultraflow Overflow Weir Comb maintains a high flow at all times, resulting in a higher flow -through, allowing the hobbyist to use larger return pumps with a higher flow rate.

Adjustable runner to be used on glass 6-8mm (or even 10mm) thick glass.
When used on thicker glass than 10mm,cut off the runner and bond directly onto the glass.
When using the runner on glass 10mm or less, the grill can easily be removed for easy cleaning to maintain high flow.
60cm in length
Unique vertical and horizontal drain slots
Allows 30-50% more water flow through the slotted sections
Vertical type weir
Easy to set-up