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Tokay Gecko

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These big geckos grow to about 15″ and live 10 years on average. They are great for experienced gecko keepers who have the time and patience to tame them.
The bigger the enclosure the better as they are very active. The enclosure needs to be tall as they are an arboreal species with plenty of logs and branches. Soil and moss make for great substrate and help keep the humidity which should be around 60-80% along with regular spraying.
You will also need a basking spot of 32 degrees Celsius and a UVB to keep these geckos happy and healthy.
Tokay geckos are opportunistic feeders so while every few days calci dusted insects should be offered; you can also offer them repashy, fruit and vegetables! Tame Tokays will even take defrosted fuzzies from tongs on occasion.
Tokays are happy on their own or in a mated pair.

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