Tetra Pond FilterStart

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Tetra Pond FilterStart activates the pond filter after winter or when setting up a new pond and extends the intervals between cleaning.

– Contains a highly active mix of filter and cleaning bacteria

– Reduces the pollutants (ammonium and nitrite) in the pond with living filter bacteria

– Breaks down organic substances (fish waste, foliage, etc.) with special cleaning bacteria

– Increases the service life of pond filters and thereby extends the cleaning intervals

–  Improves water quality and prevents decay

– Purely biological effect

Available Sizes:

500ml – treats up to 5,000 Litres

1000ml – treats up to 10,000 Litres


Shake well before use. Use the measuring cup to add 100 ml per 1,000 l of pond water. Dilute with pond water in a container and slowly distribute over the filter inner substrate. Use the entire contents of the bottle to prevent any from being left over. Cannot overdose. Leave for approximately 1 hour before reconnecting the filter. Then switch on the filter. To ensure optimal filter function after the winter break, temperatures should be kept above 10°C.

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