Tetra Cascade Globe

Ref: JKAA074


The new Tetra Cascade Globe aquarium is a filtered glass aquarium with a soothing waterfall feature with a relaxing effect. It has low power consumption and a powerful LED light with 8 LED lights with a simple ON/OFF switch. Easy to maintain – just replace the Easy crystal filter cartridge every 4 weeks. A single low voltage power cord powers both the filter and the light so you don’t end up with wires everywhere.

Capacity: 6.8 litres

Diameter: 28cm

Height: 32cm

The tank is a high quality, robust glass and included are 2 sliders in plastic to steer the waterfall effect and instruction leaflet. The Tetra Cascade Globe is the perfect way to display the beauty of your fish and plants. Enjoy your aquarium anywhere, on your desktop at work, on your coffee table at home or in your bedroom and take time to watch and relax.

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