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T-Flow Tronic 75



T-Flow Tronic is a revolutionary system which enables you to remove fibrous and slimy algae from your garden pond in a way, sparing fish and plants. Owing to the sophisticated water flow its operation is quite effective and extremely easy to dose. The core of the T-Flow Tronic consists of an anode, made from a mineral copper alloy developed by Velda and a cathode made from stainless steel. With the help of a microprocessor pulses are generated, which are guided to the core of the T-Flow Tronic. This causes positively charged copper ions to be released. These copper ions control algae in a natural way already at a low concentration. A copper content of 0.2 tot 0.3 ppm is sufficient to remove fibrous algae and to stop their growth. The T-Flow-Tronic is the successor of the Velda I-Tronic. The T-Flow-Tronic does not only prevent the growth of fibrous and slimy algae, it also stimulates the growth of water plants.

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