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Sumi Goromo Koi 18.5″

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Sumi Goromo Koi 18.5"

This is a beautiful Sumi Goromo Koi hand picked you from Israel. Measuring 18.5 inches. It has a nice head pattern, good body shape and the sumi (black ) complements the white base giving a well balanced Koi

They feature a base color of white or cream, with patches of red or orange known as “hi,” and black outlining the patches called “sumi.”  All Israeli fish of this size are fully vaccinated, they are feeding exceptionally well on probiotic food. We feed medikoi probiotic as well as sakki hikari, to promote health and colour in the fish. We also use bacto plus clay once a week to help improve skin quality. The fish have been fully quarantined, going through a number of treatments before being offered for sale. We take regular mucus samples from each pond of fish and check for parasites beneath the microscope.

We always recommend that you treat with a parasite preventative such as new technologies Eradic or a combination of malachite green and formaldehyde. This should be done no more than 24 hours after the fish is introduced to your pond. When adding fish to your pond you are mixing two different populations of fish, whilst the new fish has been fully treated and deemed clean, it’s immune system will be supressed as a result of the transition. The new fish can easily pick up any resident bugs ( in the same way we often come down with colds etc when we move house or move to a new area). Adding a preventative medication will allow your new fish to settle in comfortably.

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