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Silk Plant Medium Green



The plants in the biOrb Silk Collection have the vivid colours and detailed structure of real plants, bringing the beauty of the world’s underwater world to alluring life in your biOrb aquarium. The silk plants sway and undulate with the flow of the water inside the biOrb, just like the real thing. The vibrant foliage of these beautiful silk plants will offer your fish security and you a wonderful underwater world. Each twin pack contains two different plant styles allowing you to design a stunning underwater world in your fish tank. The unique biOrb Ceramic weighted ball will disappear into the ceramic media allowing you to create a wonderful aquarium aquascape in minutes not weeks. Silk plants offer advantage over real plants because they do not alter the chemistry of the water and remove the worry from maintaining real plants that may unbalance the water or may be uprooted by fish. They do not produce waste or debris that will pollute the water or need to be trimmed and tended to. The Silk Collection requires no planting and no maintenance and offers many of the advantages of real plants but without all the fuss.