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Round Worm Treatment




Very similar to Camallanus worms are Roundworms. These nematodes produce the same symptoms as Camallanus, but they don’t protrude out the anus of the fish. These are thus rarely diagnosed in fish. These can be suspected if one is getting a lot of unexplained deaths.

How To Use:

Absolute Aqua-Vet Round Worm+ Is an effective medication when used to target treat a pacific Parasite species. Absolute Aqua-Vet Round Worm+ works by dissolving the digestive system and paralysing the mouthparts of the worm resulting in its death. Absolute Aqua-Vet Round Worm+ Is safe to use with water plants and will not harm the filter bacteria

Recommended Dosage:

Treat on days 18 & 15 shake bag to decompact medication before Measuring.

Add 10g per 100gal (454L) water.

Turn off Ultraviolet sterilisers then add the correct amount of medication to a watering can with 2L of pond water & distribute contents evenly across the surface of the pond. Safe to turn Ultraviolet sterilisers back on after day 30.

When using with river type species such as Orfe, Rudd & Sturgeon ensure extra oxygen is provided. Always wear protective gloves when handling chemicals.

Do Not Overdose or use any other treatments for 7 days after use.

Available as: 50g, 100g and 200g
50g pack Treats 500 gallon (2,270L)
100g pack Treats 1000 gallon (4,540L)
200g pack Treats 2000 gallon (9,080L)

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50g, 100g, 200g


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