Reef Tide Aquarium Wavemaker

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Perfect for marine tanks, produce waves similar to the seas and oceans to keep your water stimulated and full of oxygen. Wavemakers are also helpful to coral and invertebrates in reef tanks to help deliver food they can’t search for on their own. You can also put them in your tropical aquariums to create flow that your fish will love!
Available Sizes:

• High flow DC water circulation pump suitable for both salt and freshwater aquariums
•  Compact unobtrusive design allows the REEF-Tide Compact to be used and easily hidden in tanks where space is limited.
•  Interchangeable nozzles –  Innovative RotaFlo nozzle offers unique, varied wave motions and the JetFlo nozzle offers a directional stream flow.
•  Fully controllable and adjustable (using the supplied controller) with 4 pre-set wave patterns
•  Multiple time setting periods enable wave settings to be programmed to replicate the natural movement found on the reef
•  Push button “feed timer” slows the water flow for 10 minutes to allow fish to feed
•  Versatile and fully adjustable mounting using a strong, high quality magnet and anti-vibration rubber pads for quiet operation
•  Ceramic shaft propeller offers maximum performance and efficiency
•  Suitable for aquariums with glass/acrylic up to 15mm thick
•  Low voltage – 24v

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