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Reef Photon Connect LED Lighting Pod

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Compact High Output LED Lighting Pod

  • Full spectrum reef capable lighting with 84w max output (driven at 67W for efficiency and reliability – 72W total power draw).
  • Six individually adjustable channels:

    Channel 1 – Natural Daylight 6500K

    Channel 2 – Fiji Blue 445nm

    Channel 3 – Reef Blue 470nm

    Channel 4 – Sea Green 505nm + 450nm

    Channel 5 – NUV 420nm + 400nm

    Channel 6 – Colour rendition enhancer 6500K, 4000K 660nm mix

Peak PAR value for a 60 x 45cm/24″x18″ aquarium at 50cm/20″ from water surface is measured at 151ppfd. PAR value contains light reflection inside the aquarium. The Reef Photon provides amazing uniform coverage!

Light Dimensions – 10.9cm x 10.9cm x 5cm

Complete with mounting bracket and ready to be installed!


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