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Reef Feast Frozen Marine Food 250g

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Reef Feast Frozen Marine Food 250g

Firstbite reef feast frozen marine aquarium food gives your fish, invertebrates and corals superior nutrition in one concise portion.

Contains natural seafood ingredient and hydrolysed proteins as well as Mysis RS food, copepods and calamus - an ideal food for corals, marine fish and invertebrates.

Reef Feast is certified probiotic and contains 10 million cells of live bacteria per gram of food. Can be fed directly from frozen for the fish to graze on or defrosted and dispersed in the aquarium

A premium seafood with ultra fresh, chemical free ingredients and active probiotics. Laboratory verified active bacteria cultures, beneficial for aquatic life. Contains high levels of vital fatty acids, EPA, DHA and SDA.

Colour of the product may vary in each batch due to the fresh raw materials used in the production. Every batch contains the same values of each ingredient guaranteed

BCUK are manufacturers and suppliers of the finest quality frozen fish foods, as well as dried tropical and marine fish foods. As well as their firm commitment to quality and value, they are constantly looking to improve and innovate. In doing so, they deliver cutting edge products.

BCUK also manufacture Salt Lake City, Mysis RS and First Bite Range.