Reef Factory Reef Flare LED Lighting

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Reef Flare by Reef Factory are a series of modern LED Lights specifically designed to not only highlight the natural colours of corals, but to also provide them with nutritional high quality light.

The LEDs in these lights are manufactured by market leader Cree. Even the most demanding of corals will will flourish under the colour, lenses and power these lights bring to your set up.

Easy and convenient control is achieved through the Smart Reef App which is available on iOS and Android!

Lights can be mounted on the edge of your aquarium or hung on strings.

You can adjust your light channels to one of 7 colour channels or even temporarily change the light settings and presets if you’re introducing new livestock or taking a picture!

Your light temperature is also constantly monitored through the Smart Reef App and you will be alerted to any issues.

The Reef Flare management panel also allows you access and use an infinite amount of light spectrum models!

Available Sizes:

Small – 70w

Medium – 140w

Large – 210w

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