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Red Sea Trace Colours – Complete Set



Red Sea Coral Colours are supplements which promote vibrant colours in coral reef aquariums. The set includes colours A, B, C and D which are designed to promote pink, red, green and purple.

Coral Colour A is a halogen and iodine supplement which promotes the pink colours in corals.

Coral Colour B is a potassium and boron supplement that increases the red colours.

Coral Colour C uses iron and complementary metals to promote the green colours in corals.

Purple and blue colours are promoted using Coral Color D which includes bioactive trace elements.

To ensure coral health, the correct levels of these elements must be maintained and should only be dosed correctly. A good way to gauge this is to dose in proportion to the dosing of Red Sea’s Foundation A (calcium/strontium) supplement.

Coral Colors A, B, C & D supplements contain the 31 minor and trace elements present in the skeleton and soft tissue of all corals. The elements in each supplement are related by their biological function and are associated with the production of specific color pigments (Pink, Red, Green/Yellow and Purple/Blue) in the soft tissue of stony corals. All 31 elements are required by all stony corals irrespective of the actual color the coral displays.

For best results in displaying coral colors use Red Sea’s NO3:PO4-X as part of the complete Reef Care Program.
Please note that each individual treatment is 100ml.