Random Flow Generator Nozzle – 3/4″ Single

Ref: BCVCA002


Size: 3/4″ Random Flow Generator Nozzle.

  • Easily Snaps onto standard 3/4in Loc-Line!
  • Optimal GPH – 420-500
  • Min GPH – 180-200


The Random Flow Generator Nozzle by Vivid Creative Aquatics is the only random flow generating device with no moving parts! Each product is 3D printed with Reef-Safe PETG Plastic.

The primary focus of the RFG or Random Flow Generator Nozzle, is to transform the flow from your return line or closed loop system, into a more beneficial randomized flow pattern.

The RFG helps to create a more natural water movement within your reef aquarium and lifts and suspends detritus and other debris so your filtration can remove them!

Allows you to increase flow without damaging corals or creating a sand storm within your aquarium, and you don’t need to worry about additional electricity, heat or noise.

Your RFG is also easy to install – no tools, glue or plumbers tape required!

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