ProMax MudDrain 14000

Ref: OA42273


Whether contaminated water must be pumped out of shafts or pools – the OASE ProMaxMudDrain pumps work reliably and are designed as valuable helpers precisely for thesechallenging tasks. The powerful and robust OASE ProMax MudDrain pumps with deliveryrates between 7000 and more than 14000 litres per hour, reliably pumps polluted waterwith contamination particles to a diameter of 30 mm.
Top Characteristics:
-A cool head’: Optimal heat dissipation of the motor thanks to water cooling, in conjunction with the stainless steel housing | Heavy design for optimal stability
-For coarse contamination: All models pump contamination with particles down to 30 mm in diameter
-Adjustable handle: Easy and reliable positioning of the float in different positions | Convenient mounting on the connection of the pressure port positioned on top, by flipping it up | Handle can be unscrewed if pump is permanently installed | Groove for rope fixation

Max capability of pumping 14500l/h

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