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Oase Proficlear Pump Chamber Compact/Classic


Oase Proficlear Pump Chamber Compact/Classic

The Proficlear Pump Chamber is designed to be used with both the Classic and Compact gravity-fed models of the Proficlear Premium. It allows for easy installation of the return pumps and UV's without the need to dry mount or wall mount them separately. The Chamber connects directly to the outlet of the ProfiClear Premium filter. It does have adaptable fittings, so it can be used with other filtration systems if necessary.

Designed for use with the Aquamax Eco Gravity pump range and the  Bitron Gravity 55 UVC.

Manufactured from high quality GRP Duroplast and stainless steel it comes with easily adaptable fittings so can be used on other Filtration systems if necessary. Easy to clean and maintain, designed to reduce silt collecting in the filtration unit. Bottom drain allows silt and debris to be flushed away easily. Return pumps with isolation valves or wall mount UVCs can be easily installed inside the chamber, there is no need to dry mount return pumps

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