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Oase ProfiClear Guard


Oase Proficlear Guard

The OASE ProfiClear Guard is an electronically controlled automatic water refill system for maintaining and controlling the water depth in ponds, decorative fountains and water feature reservoirs. The partially submerged sensor will detect water level dropping too low and will automatically send a signal to the solenoid to open the water mains for a quick refill. Once water level has been returned to desired target level, the controller will then signal the solenoid to shut off water mains again. Very useful equipment, particularly in summer when water levels are likely to fluctuate on a regular basis and on water foundtains where splashing can cause water loss very quickly. This item can buy user time if a leak in the pond or other water feature were to occur during times of absence. Also helpful for systems using gravity fed filtration because it maintains consistent water levels neccessary for the filtration to continue to function.

Compatible with the Proficlear range

-Servo controlled solenoid valve, 230V, brass
-Measurement principle conductive (2 measure points)
-Power consumption 3 W
-Power cable length 2.00 m
-Cable length sensor 20.00 m
-Cable length valve 3.00 m
-Switching differential 20 mm

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