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Prodibio Calci Reef+ Water Treatment



Size: Nano – 10 Vial pack

Calci Reef + is a hydrogel that maintains optimum levels or calcium, magnesium and part of the alkalinity in reef aquariums.

  • A large number of marine organisms, such as corals and coralline calcifying algae, use calcium and carbonates to synthesise their rigid structures.
  • Releases, under the action of BioDigest’s bacteria, hydrogen carbonate ions from the biotransformation of the acetate in the calcium hydrogel
  • Calci_Reef+ provides calcium and magnesium
  • Calci_Reef+ is gluconate free

The combination of Alka Reef + and Calci Reef + generates an ionic balance close to that of natural sea water in your tank. It is recommended that you add one vial of Alka Reef+

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