Prodibio Aqua Turtle 04



4 Vial pack

Aqua Turtle combines two different products; Aqua Turtle Odour – which will eliminate bad smells in the tank and Aqua Turtle Bacter – which is composed of different specific strains of bacteria that will degrade turtle excrement in order to have healthier water in the tank.

It should be used when there are bad smells in the tank and after every water change.

PRODIBIO recommends use of a filtration device in the aqua terrarium as well as regular water changes. Both products, Aqua’Turtle Bacter and Aqua’Turtle Odor are to be used in conjunction with one another and after water change.

 What volume ? What range ? What dosage ?
0 to 60 L (0 to 15 Gal) Aquaterrium 1 Aqua’Turtle Odor + 1 Aqua’Turtle Bacter
60 to 120 L (15 to 30 Gal) Aquaterrium 2 Aqua’Turtle Odor + 2 Aqua’Turtle Bacter
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