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Pontec MultiClear Set 5000


Pontec MultiClear Set 5000

the Pontec MultiClear Filter Guarantees clean and healthy water - the new compact flow-through filter with UVC for ponds up to 5000 or 8000 litres! Good value for money and efficient filtration.

Available as the 5000 and 8000 model. The 5000 model is  for ponds up to 5000 litres without fish stock or 2500 litres with fish. The 8000 model is for ponds up to 8000 litres without fish stock and 4000 litres with fish. The 5000 model has an integrated 7 watt UVC clarifier and the 8000 has an 11 watt UVC.

The Pontec MultiClear Filter Only has four different filter media, and a UVC clarifier for eliminating suspended algae from the water column. Improves water clarity and reduces green water as part of the overall filtration process. After the UVC, water passes through the Japanese matting foam set, Nest, a newly developed wall to separate the chambers and optimise the flow inside the filter unit Next coarse and then fine foam and then after another wall comes the bio-balls

If you have any questions about whether this is the right filter for your pond, please contact us and a member of our friendly pond team will be able to assist you.