Pixie Frog

Ref: SAR5024


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While the female frogs grow up to 5.5″, male frogs can reach a huge 10″; both have been known to live over 30years of age!

They are terrestrial frogs so prefer more ground space to height. A deep substrate of soil and some driftwood will allow them to hide and feel secure in their enclosure. Best kept at a warm room temperature of 24 + degrees celsius with a warm spot of 29 degrees celsius. Though they dont need a UVB light there are many benefits to having one.

Females can be kept together however males should be kept on their own.

Diet consists of calci dusted insects such as locusts and defrosted mammals.

Still or dechlorinated water must be offered in a large water dish and regular spraying to maintain humidity.

For more information please call on 0121 744 1300 to speak to our Reptile Team.

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