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Pixie Frog

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Common Name: African Bullfrog / Pixie Frog
Latin Name: Pyxicephalus adspersus
Native To: Tropical Africa
Size: 6 - 10”
Life Span: 8 – 15 years
Inhabiting tropical and sub-tropical Africa, the pixie frog enjoys moderate temperature with high humidity.
Vivarium Size:
Pixie frogs spend the majority of their time buried in the substrate or in shallow water. They also grow to be quite fat. Due to this we recommend a minimum
vivarium size of 18”X12”X12”. This would be a good size for an adult Pixie Frog.
We recommend a slightly damp substrate of forest floor, mixed soil and sphagnum moss. Not only will this provide a natural look to the vivarium, it will also help
to raise the humidity. The ideal humidity for Pixie frogs is 70% – 90%. Loose substrate such as forest floor will allow the frog to burrow – a tactic often employed by this voracious
ambush predator whilst waiting for prey to wonder by.
Food and Water:
As with all frogs, Pixie Frogs absorb water through their skin. Due to this, they need a constant supply of fresh water. Therefore we recommend placing a large, shallow bowl of water into the vivarium. Pixie Frogs love their food. They will eat a range of things including crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers, earthworms and baby rodents. Be aware that their
healthy appetite causes them to bite anything that moves, including fingers. They are also cannibalistic and should be kept singularly because of this. It is highly recommended that all crickets are dusted with vitamin supplements available on the reptile section.
Heat/Light Requirements:
At night it is best to allow the temperature to drop 2-5ºC to mimic the natural nightly temperature drop of the wild and to allow the amphibian to shut down and
sleep. Pixie frogs are diurnal and need a period of darkness in which to sleep. Lighting for your frog can be minimal, from a low wattage UV coil to a broad spectrum LED.
Below are the ideal temperatures for your Pixie frog:
Day: 20-26°C
Night: 18-22°C

For more information check out our Pixie Frog Care Sheet or call us in store on 0121 744 1300 to speak to our Reptile Team!