Orphek OR3 Reef Day Plus Aquarium LED

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The OR3 Reef Day Plus is ideal for SPS/LPS coral growth, colour and illumination.

Orphek OR3 Reef Day Plus comes with new LEDs that have the longest life span yet! Running at 50%, the new 2020 model 5w Dual-Chip advanced LEDs are more resistant to the higher heat and it offers the highest PAR longevity with really minimum loss over the years. 

Featuring an improved internal lens, the model makes sure you are getting the best from the Orphek LEDs.

Use as the main lighting in combinations or as an additional aquarium light.

Orphek is recognised worldwide as the leader in LED Aquarium lighting solutions – delivering technologically advanced products that provide perfect intensity and efficiency.

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Available Sizes:

OR3 60 Blue Plus – 60cm

OR3 90 Blue Plus – 90cm

OR3 120 Blue Plus – 120cm

OR3 150 Blue Plus – 150cm (Call for more info.)

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