Oase Aquarius Eco Expert Pond Pump

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The Oase Aquarius Eco Expert Pond Pump is a energy efficient water pump that will maintain the peaceful environment of any outdoor space or indoor water feature. 30% less energy is used by this pump compared to its predecessor model, the ProfiNaut 6000.

The pumps output flow and water patterns are easily adjustable via the Oase Easy Garden Control App! Available on both iOS and Android, you will also receive feedback on your pumps operation status, water temperature, power consumption, and overall performance data.

The Aquarius Eco Expert Pond Pump is extremely durable with Chlorine and Seawater resistance, meaning it’s capable of being used in both pool and salt water). It will also safely endure seasonal changes with patented frost protection allowing it to function comfortably at temperature as low as -20°C! The Environmental Function Control feature (EFC) will also shut off the pump in the event of a dry run or blockage to stop the pump from damaging itself.

Includes 3 year warranty with an additional 2 year after online registration.

Available Sizes:

Aquarius Eco Expert 22000
Aquarius Eco Expert 28000
Aquarius Eco Expert 36000
Aquarius Eco Expert 44000

Other features include:

  • Energy-efficient, brushless DC motor.
  • Stainless steel intake screen displaces coarse debris particles up to 4 mm in size.
  • Alternate fountain height by switching on the Dynamic Function Control and using one of the 12 pre-programmed water patterns on the Easy Garden Control App (EGC).
  • The ergonomic handle is fitted with the switch for the Dynamic Function Control and is aligned with the pump’s centre of gravity allowing for easy transport and installation.
  • Dynamic Function Control (DFC) makes variable water patterns possible when it is switched on.
  • The Aquarius Eco Expert pump series are 220-240V/50/60 Hz have a 10 metre power cord.
  • Inline capability allows the pump to be set up submersed or dry.
  • Adjustable flow control (when connected to EGC controller) refine the flow rate and pumping height.
  • Includes an adapter set for connecting all 1” and 1.5” Oase fountain attachments.


Dimensions (LxWxH):

Aquarius Eco Expert 22000 – 49cm x 21.5cm x 23.5cm
Aquarius Eco Expert 28000 – 49cm x 21.5cm x 23.5cm
Aquarius Eco Expert 36000 – 54cm x 22.5 x 25cm
Aquarius Eco Expert 44000 – 54cm x 22.5 x 25cm

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