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Oase AquaActiv OptiPond 500ml


Oase AquaActiv OptiPond 500ml

OptiPond is a pond stabiliser that creates optimal water conditions and stabilises the most important parameters. Rain water or well water which is low in minerals is treated in accordance with pond conditions. OptiPond stabilises the carbonate hardness and total hardness of the water and protects the pond from a dangerous drop in acidity. It binds pollutants such as ammonium and ammonia gas. The balanced formulation is based on natural conditions and produces a balance of important trace elements such as sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium. With the correct dosage, the carbonate hardness increases by +1.5 °dKH and the total hardness by +1.9 °dH.#

  • Establishes optimal water conditions (KH, GH, pH)
  • Properly treats soft well water or rain water for the species
  • Contains important minerals and trace elements
  • Helps eliminate acute ammonium & ammonia problems

Distribute approx. 100ml of OptiPond for every 1000 litres of pond water over the surface of the pond. Short-term turbidity is normal and disappears again quite quickly. Only apply one dosage within a 24-hour period and check the water values regularly (e.g. QuickStacks).

Suitable for ponds up to max. 5000L

If you have any questions about this product and whether it's the right product for your pond, please contact us and a member of our store team will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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