Mountain Horned Dragon

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This medium sized, arboreal lizard lives in high altitude, humid forests and mountains throughout Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Being opportunistic , canopy feeders; these guys will take a wide variety of insects, which should be dusted with appropriate vitamin supplements.

This dragon tolerates slightly cooler temperatures as they originate from mountainous forests. Their hotspot should be between 27-29°C and should not exceed 30°C.

A tropical UVB is also essential for the animal’s health.

These beasties need a high humidity of between 70-90%.

Paludariums work particularly well for this species to raise humidity. Mountain Horned Dragons also do not recognise still water and so an extra large pool with a pump will work perfectly to create water flow for the dragon to drink and swim.

Just when you thought this species couldn’t get any cooler; these lizards are incredibly docile and very easily hand tamed!

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