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Milk Snake

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Milk Snake.

The Peublan Milk Snake (Lampropeltis Triangulum campbelli) is found throughout southern regions of Mexico, specifically Peubla.

These guys can grow to 4 feet in length and live for 15 years or more!

They are closely related to the King Snakes, Milk Snakes must also be kept singularly as they will eat other snakes.

Their captive diet can be exclusively rodents and we recommend a basking spot of 30-32°C (these snakes can go as high as 40°C) with a low percentage UV photoperiod.

A 34x15x15 enclosure will serve this snake well with a dry substrate and various hides, rocks and branches to explore.For information call us in store on 0121 744 1300 to speak to one of our Reptile Team!

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