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Mermaid Glass Aquarium Kit

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Mermaid Glass Aquarium Kit

This Mermaid Glass Aquarium Kit is perfect for children starting out in the fish keeping hobby. Fish are a great first pet for children as they are relatively undemanding in comparison to rodents, cats and dogs.

Bright colourful design encourages children to engage with the aquarium and care sheet helps parents know how to set up the fish tank and what they need to do to help their children have a rewarding experience in keeping fish as pets. We have a page in our knowledge base dedicated specifically for aquascaping for kids.

Internal filter and easy feed openings make it easy for children to look after their aquatics friends. Children should always be supervised when looking after animals.


  • Low maintenance compared to most traditional pets
  • encourages creativity
  • encourages responsibility
  • nurtures empathy

17 Litre glass Aquarium with canopy and feet.


  • Internal filter
  • Background
  • Internal Mermaid Graphics.
  • Full set up guide and care sheet included.

If you have any questions on what fish you could add to this aquarium, why not pop in to store or contact us. We are also happy to answer any questions about this fish tank and whether it's the right one for your child.