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King Snake Hatchling

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King Snake Hatchling

A fantastic predator from North America, the Californian King Snake (Lampropeltis getula californiae) definitely lives up to its name.

Males can grow in excess of 5 foot and females 6 foot. Kings can have a ferocious belly and sassy attitude to suit, if not worked with and tailored to as youngsters.

Adults will need a 4-5 foot wooden vivarium ideally, with plenty of room for both prowling and digging. Hot and cold hides should be provided for thermoregulation as well as sturdy branches and rocks for enrichment.

A hot spot of 29-31°C via overheat heating should be given with a heater guard and thermostat to control temperatures.

UVB will also benefit these animals with either a 5% or Ferguson Zone 2 bulb.

In the wild King Snakes will eat anything of appropriate size that they can overpower, even other snakes! In captivity we suggest a varied diet consisting of rats, mice, multi mammates, gerbils, hamsters and chicks.

Care should be taken to spot clean these beasties regularly as they have very active bowls. A full clean of the enclosure and decorations should be done at least once a month.

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