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Keeled Snail Eating Snake

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Keeled Snail Eating Snake.

The Snail Eating Snake (pareas carinatus) is an adorable species that originates from the lowland forests of Southeast Asia and Indonesia.
As their name suggests, they predate on snails and slugs, emerging at nighttime after heavy rain falls to feast! But the Snail Eater does not just dwell on the forest floor they also enjoy climbing!

This should be reflected in their enclosure via the use of branches, foliage and high hides.

Prey items should be offered every other day to keep these hungry hunnies happy.

This snake will need a humid environment to keep themselves and their prey healthy; a range of 80-100% is ideal. A hot spot between 24-26°C, during the day, is required via the use of overhead heating and a thermostat.

Misting systems, forgers or moving bodies of water can be added to the enclosure to aid with humidity. A quality soil mix is ideal to allow for high water retention as well as a layer of leaf litter.

These cuties stay relatively small, reaching 2-3foot fully grown and live to 10-15 years on average.

Being nocturnal, UVB is not required for this species however lighting should be provided to simulate a day and night cycle.

The Snail Eating Snake is also ‘right handed’! The lower right portion of their jaw is longer compared to the left side and also has longer, more pronounced teeth. They use this side first to get a good grip of the snail’s body and use the other side to remove the snail from the shell. Dextral snails (clockwise coiled shell) are preferred by this species due to the nature of their jaw.

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