Juwel Sea Skim Skimmer

Ref: JKMA262


The JUWEL Skimmer ensures highly efficient protein skimming in all aquariums with a volume up to 500 litres. The low-noise and powerful Eccoflow SeaSkim 1500 pump ensures the formation of extremely fine bubbles and therefore guarantees effective protein skimming in your saltwater aquarium.
The skimmer cup is generously sized and easy to access. This guarantees simple cleaning even during operation. // Ideally coordinated components
Skimmer Cup
Large foam chamber for long standing times and ease of use.

O2 Control
Continuously adjustable oxygen supply for optimum setting of the foam moisture.

Top Clean
Surface inlet with protective grill ensures a clean water surface.

O2 Infusion
The finest air bubbles ensure optimum skimming results.

Eccoflow SeaSkim Pump
Highly efficient and whisper-quiet Eccoflow SeaSkim pump with double-mounted ceramic axle.
Easy access to all control elements
All operating elements are easily accessible on the top of the skimmer. The air controller and the water pressure controller enable ideal adjustment of the SeaSkim protein skimmer // The innovative retainer guarantees easy installation of the skimmer during servicing activities or operation. // All components of the SeaSkim are integrated into the housing and there are no hose connections that lead out of the aquarium. Therefore, it is the safest way to operate a protein skimmer.
// All of the aquariums in the Rio, Vision, Lido and Trigon lines already have the matching opening in the cover and are therefore ideally prepared for seawater operation.

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