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Interpet Keep It Clean Tablets



Give your aquarium maintenance a helping hand with Keep it Clean tablets.
Algae, sludge and waste build-up and are common enough problems in most aquariums. They’re also nasty jobs to sort out, especially if there’s a lot to do. That’s why we can’t recommend Keep it Clean Tablets enough. Each little fizzing tablet works wonders at keeping your aquarium free of sludge and algae by starving out pesky algae and breaking down waste so your fish have a beautiful clear aquarium once more.

These clever little tablets also include a pH buffer to help stop the pH from dropping below the safe level of 6.5. You’ll notice the difference with easier aquarium maintenance and your fish and plants will thrive in the perfectly balanced water.

Use for removing unsightly algae and sludge from aquariums. Can also be used on a regular basis to prevent excess waste build-up.

1 tablet treats 50 Litres. Simply add 1 tablet a week for every 50 litres of aquarium water.


16 Tablets