Indo-Reef Rimless Glass Aquarium




The Indo-Reef Rimless Aquariums are a range of products built to the highest standards with a number of unique features. The tank glass is low-iron with stylish bevelled edges and the cabinets are solid wood and metal framed. They are clad in highly polished acrylic and glass, giving them a stylish yet incredibly durable finish. Perfect for tropical fish, coldwater fish, marine fish and coral reef set ups.

There are two types of Indo-Reef Rimless Tanks, the Midi and the Grande. The Midi is our standard size Indo-Reef which has a standard width of 50cm and a standard height of 129cm. The Grande is the wider Indo-Reef that has a wider width of 60cm and a height of 145cm. Each glass fish tank is then available in various lengths ranging from 60cm to 180cm and custom sizes are available just get in touch!

This aquarium fish tank is built to the highest standards of manufacturing, the glass is machine cut and is made using low Iron or “opti-white” glass for a much clearer view of your animals. Both the drain and return pipework are hidden behind an acrylic weir which sits in the back corner. Each aquarium comes with plumbing and LED lighting as standard (except for 1.8m Grande), freshwater top-up, multi-chamber sump and corner weir.

The cabinet is finished in high quality, high gloss acrylic. The solid wooden frame ensures strength and support are easily catered for, whilst allowing considerable access for maintenance.

The metal-framed doors have a layer of high gloss acrylic on the front which makes them extremely durable and resistant to water damage, unlike MDF cabinets. The doors are fitted with soft close hinges and “push to open ” fixtures. Each cabinet comes pre-assembled.

The Indo-Reef is fitted with a multi-chamber glass sump in the cabinet. For those not familiar with sumps, water gets delivered to the sump from the overflow in the aquarium. By putting media, filtration elements and even heaters (all supplied seperately) into the sump it becomes a one-stop-shop for water treatment.

A circulation pump (supplied separately) then delivers water back to the display aquarium once it has been treated. This keeps your aquarium clear of equipment and allows easy access for all of the filtration beneath. The sump has a series of glass baffles that ensure the water travels through the sump evenly and effectively. This also ensures that any media you put into the sump is used to its fullest potential.

Tank Volumes:

Midi – 60 x 50 x 129 cm – 170 litres

Midi – 90 x 50 x 129 cm – 240 litres

Midi – 120 x 50 x 129 cm – 335 litres

Midi – 150 x 50 x 129 cm – 420 litres

Grande – 60 x 60 x 145cm – 260 litres

Grande – 90 x 60 x 145cm 360 litres

Grande – 120 x 60 x 145cm – 440 litres

Grande – 150 x 60 x 145cm – 560 litres

Grande – 180 x 60 x 145cm – 680 litres

There are three delivery options for our aquariums and cabinets:

1. Collection from our store.


2. Curb side pallet delivery starting from £59.99.


3. Our own service with our team.

We can deliver anywhere! We’ve delivered to London, Newcastle, Bournemouth and many more places. The standard service is more than a curb side delivery as we’ll bring the tank into your house, put it in position and set up your pipework. We will also be happy to talk you through the various parts of your aquarium, how they work and answer any questions you may have. We are able to do a full installation too which includes filling up your tank with water etc however this would be an extra charge. All prices for this option are dependant on distance and the size of your tank. If you would like to find out how much getting your dream tank delivered by our expert team would be, get in touch and we can get you a price!

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