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Ice Free 4 Seasons


When the pond surface freezes over at icy temperatures, it is time to protect the pond inhabitants; the animals need oxygen to survive. Moreover fermentation gases that do not escape can cause significant damage. An OASE ice preventer ensures that there is always a spot on the pond surface that is free of ice, and thus ensures that all pond inhabitants survive the winter.

The Oase Ice Free 4 seasons is in your pond year round as a water feature which draws warmer water from the bottom of your pond to the surface to keep an area at the top of the pond ice free.

  • Keeps an area of the pond free of ice in temperatures down to –20 °C
  • Ensures oxygen access to the water and allows harmful fermentation gases to escape
  • Maintains the warm temperature zones on the floor
  • Extremely energy-efficient pump technology without additional heating element (requires a depth of at least 80 cm)

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Weight 1.1 kg