Hozelock Cascade

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The Hozelock Cascade fountain pond pump comes complete with a number of accessories to bring a wide range of fountain displays to enhance your pond.

The high efficiency motor means low running costs and a long life for your pump. You can pump water to your filter, down a waterfall or back to your pond and flow controls allow you to easily adjust the size or your fountain and waterfall independently.

The telescopic fountain pipe and ball joint means you can also adjust the fountain to your desired position and the anti-clog foam free inlet cage reduces your maintenance!

Available Sizes:

Cascade 450 – Max. Flow Rate – 450 l/h

Cascade 700 – Max. Flow Rate – 700 l/h

Cascade 1500 – Max. Flow Rate – 1500 l/h

Cascade 4000 – Max. Flow Rate – 4o00 l/h


Each pump comes with a 3 year guarantee.

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