Interpet Goldfish Disease Safe

Ref: JKRC222


Goldfish can sometimes become unwell. Most illnesses are easy to cure if they are treated early enough. As soon as your goldfish behaves unusually or appears sick use Disease Safe. Signs of disease are ragged or blood streaked fins, unusual swimming action or loss of balance, cotton wool-like growths, slimy white skin or fins, cloudy eyes, white spots, lying on the bottom of the tank, gasping at the surface of the water, clamped fins or loss of appetite. In a few days your goldfish should be well again. Disease Safe can be re-dosed if your fish have not recovered after five days. Always read the instructions.

For Ornamental Freshwater Fish only. Harmless to plants, filters and all fish except Mormyrids (e.g. Elephant Nose Fish). Designed for use in small aquariums and goldfish bowls.


100ml – treats 57 litres

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