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Golden Sun Skink

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Common Name: Golden sun skink, Bronze skink
Latin Name: Eutropis multifasciata, Eutropis macularia
Native To: Asia
Size: 6 - 12”
Life Span: 8-10 years
Found throughout forest and jungle scrubland, grassland and bordering along agricultural land.
Vivarium Size:
We recommend a 36x15x15 vivarium for these active lizards, but as with most lizard species, the larger the enclosure the better. Floor space is more important than climbing opportunities as sun skinks are semi fossorial and will spend some of their time under ground. Bronze skinks can be kept communally given enough space
A good forest mix allowing for water retention and increased humidity but also allowing the skink to dig and burrow would be ideal. There are many different prepared substrates available to use including forest bedding, coco husk, bark chippings and mixed soils. Including underground hides (such as buried drain pipe), stout low branches and slate/rocks will give the skinks enrichment.

Heat/Light Requirements:
Sun skinks enjoy high heat and mid level humidity. The vivarium should be set up with basking spot and fairly level temperature gradient. UV lighting is essential for these animals and should be provided 5-6% UVB 10-12 hours per day.
Below are the ideal temperatures for your sun skink, all of which can be thermostatically controlled:
Day (cool end): 25 - 28°C
Basking (warm end): 32 - 35°C
Night: 22 - 24°C
Please note that this care sheet is only for your basic
husbandry knowledge and that it is always
recommended that you do further reading

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