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Gargoyle Gecko

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Gargoyle Gecko.

The Gargoyle gecko (rhacodactylus auriculatus) is a stunning beastie from New Caledonia.

These sticky sensations are an arboreal species that can reach 10inches and so a tall enclosure should be provided. A single adult would be happy in a 45x45x60 Exo Terra. However, due to their chunkiness they aren't as good at climbing as their cousin, the crested gecko, and so lots of branches and foliage should be provided for extra help.

They will need a hot spot between 25-29 ° C, humidity of 70% and a 5%, or Ferguson Zone 2, UVB light.

Gargoyle geckos need more protein in their diet than their cousins. A mixture of prepared food and live, calcium dusted insects should be provided to ensure a happy, healthy gecko. Baby gargoyle geckos also have short, stubby snouts which grow out into elongated cutey snoots as they mature!

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